Natural & Historical Wonders of Rhodope Mountain

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This tour itinerary will leave you breathless by giving you the opportunity to ride on some of the most interesting, beautiful and scenic roads.

We will ride around the Vucha dam, Trigrad gorge, and next to the Central Balkan mountain. In addition to these sites, you will also going to visit and explore very interesting historical places related to the mysterious civilization of the Thracians, to the Romans, the Ottomans, and the Bulgarians.

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                                            4 days        Moderate      Min. Age: 21

You will be guided by a highly educated and experienced guide. You will stay during the nights in recommended hotels with wonderful locations. For this short period of time, we can guarantee that you will have positive memories for life.
What’s included?
  • Breakfast
  • Entrance fees
  • A professional highly educated guide
  • Road taxes
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Fuel


Day 1: Vucha Dam and the Beauty of the Rhodope

At 10:00, we will depart from Sofia. If you are renting a bike from us, we will make the organization in advance. We will ride an hour on a highway to get a bit quicker to our scheduled sites. After this hour of climatization, we will head south where we will see the Vucha dam and will get deeper into the Rhodope Mountain. We will have a great mountain ride! Before getting to our final destination for the day, we will stop and visit one very beautiful cave. When we get to the hotel, we can change our clothes and climb on a mount above the hotel, called the Eagle’s eye. Comfortable tourist shoes are recommended. Riding for the day 230 km. Riding time 5 hours. Show map

Recommended 3* hotel

Day 2: The Devil’s Bridge and Zlatograd

After a nice traditional breakfast, we will continue our adventure by starting our ride east through the Rhodope mountain. After around an hour’s ride, we will make a stop. A short walk will bring us to a stunning view. After admiring it, we will continue to the most spectacular medieval bridge in Bulgaria. It was built by the Ottomans in the 16th century and has the creepy name “The Devil’s bridge”. The legend says that the builder won a bet with the Devil for how long it could have been built. Show map

After that, we will continue to an architect reserve called Zlatograd, where we will overnight. The town was a commerce center in the 18th-19th century and you can still feel the atmosphere and walk through the small streets with small traditional craft shops, keeping the traditions from those days. Riding for the day 175 km. Riding time 4 hours. Show map

3* hotel in Zlatograd

Day 3: Plovdiv and the Heritage of the Thracians

This day will be full of a very nice ride, a huge reservoir, and many historical sites. Our first point of interest will be a religious sanctuary, built on a low mountain pike by the Thracians. On this amazing place, you will be introduced to this interesting civilization inhabiting these lands between the Late Bronze age and the final Christianization of the Roman province Thrace in the late 4th century AD. This introduction will be important for the future of the trip because we will see some more of the heritage of this people. Our next stop will be such. The great city of Perperikon where you can see how the historical periods overlap each other. This place is famous mostly for the Oracle of Dionis, the god of the wine. This Oracle was one of the most important after that in Delphi, Greece in the antiquity. Show map
After we explore this rare archaeological site we will continue to the second biggest cities in Bulgaria-Plovdiv. The city was the European capital of culture in 2019th. It is one of the oldest and most artistic cities in Europe. We will walk into the historical part of it and will overnight in its heart. Riding for the day 210 km. Riding time 4 hours. Show map

3* hotel in the historical part of Plovdiv

Day 4: Getting back to Sofia

After a good Bulgarian breakfast, we will start our final ride. We will head north until we reach the Central Balkan mountain. On the way, we will visit one Thracian tomb from the IV century BC. We will explore and learn about the burial traditions of the Thracians, which will fulfill your knowledge of this ancient culture. Show map
Our next stop will be another time machine-National architect reserve Koprivshtica. This town is extremely important in the Bulgarian Revival period and the struggle against the Ottoman empire. It is perfectly preserved from the 19th century. Show map
We will walk there and could have some very nice traditional lunch. After the rest, we will continue riding to Sofia. Overnight in Sofia is not included. We can add it upon request. Riding for the day 180 km. Riding time 3 hours. Show map